By: Allison O’Toole

Ninety-five percent of Minnesotans now have health insurance coverage. 100 percent need it.

If you watch TV, listen to the radio or follow the news in Minnesota, that line should sound familiar. Thanks for the Affordable Care Act and MNsure, Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace, Minnesota now has the lowest uninsured rate in state history, and one of the lowest nationwide.

It’s no secret MNsure has experienced challenges. As CEO, I’m excited to report vast improvements have been made to the system, and I’m committed to making sure those improvements continue. Today, however, I’d like to look beyond the technical issues of MNsure and highlight just how much of an impact this online health insurance marketplace has made throughout the state in just two short years:

  • Since October 1, 2013, nearly 500,000 Minnesotans have used MNsure to shop, compare and enroll in quality, affordable health insurance coverage.
  • In our first year, the uninsured rate dropped by a whopping 40 percent.
  • Minnesota has the single highest rate of coverage of any state with a new exchange.
  • Minnesotans have saved more than $31 million in tax credits through MNsure.

Simply put, more Minnesotans are getting the health insurance coverage they need at a price they can afford. That’s a fact. Minnesotans like Richard H., a cattle farmer in rural Minnesota, who with his newly purchased coverage through MNsure went to the doctor for the first time in years, discovered he had cancer, and was able to successfully treat it. Today, he is cancer free.

MNsure is helping Minnesotans like Jake S. Jake is a small business owner. He and his wife have three small children, one who has had a pre-existing condition since birth. MNsure allowed Jake to find a lower-cost health insurance policy for his family, and he knew his son would be covered.

Whether someone qualifies for Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare or is looking to purchase a plan from a private insurance company, MNsure is the “single front door” for all of Minnesota health insurance options. MNsure is the only place to qualify for financial help like tax credits or a low-cost or no-cost plans, and hundreds of MNsure certified navigators and insurance agents across the state are available to provide free, in-person enrollment help.

MNsure is making it easier to get covered in Minnesota. Ninety-five percent of us are already there, but we need all Minnesotans to have health insurance that meets their needs. I look forward to making that a reality soon.

(Allison O’Toole is the CEO of MNsure.)