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Healthcare can be confusing. It is complicated, confusing and often controversial. Yet, according to a new survey, Minnesotans actually have a pretty good understanding of some key health issues, including the main cost drivers. At the same time, we are deeply divided on our priorities and goals.

A key finding of the survey is that two-thirds of Minnesotans have divided into ideological silos on health policies and priorities. The survey also found that while Minnesotans have a good understanding of what is driving health costs, they aren’t eager to apply solutions to their own interactions with the health system.

HealthBasics is hoping to bridge the gap and find common ground on critical health issues. To that end, we are hosting conversations with Minnesotans in forums around the state. HealthBasics is not promoting specific policy goals; rather, its purpose is to bring people together to find how Minnesotans might bridge the policy gaps reflected in the survey. The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently called HealthBasics a “farsighted collaboration” and said the survey findings “are a timely reminder of the hard work that still lies ahead on health reform and the need to be clear about the changes needed. The sooner the straight talk begins, the better. HealthBasics’ work will give the process a much-needed kick-start.”

We’re hosting these conversations at organizations across the state. A list of upcoming forums is provided below. Please note that many of these forums are closed to the hosting organization’s members. If you would like to host a forum, please email