The results of a new survey were presented to Litchfield Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Thursday. The comprehensive research was recently released by Minnesota HealthBasics – a collaboration of leaders from Medica, TwinWest Chamber of Commerce, Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council and North Memorial Health Care. Bringing together the different perspectives assured a balanced investigation into the knowledge, values and priorities Minnesotans bring to health issues.

Tom Horner presented to the Litchfield Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Two key points stand out:

  1. Two-thirds of Minnesotans are split right down the middle — one group wants a health system rooted in marketplace competition while the other side favors more government involvement. What makes this division most challenging is that the respective positions on health policies and priorities are defined but mainly by ideology. In fact, if Minnesotans can’t find a way to bridge their ideological differences, the challenges of health cost, access and quality will be increasingly difficult to resolve, according to researchers.
  2. Minnesotans have a good understanding of what is driving health costs, but they aren’t eager to apply the solutions to their own actions. “When it’s all said and done, we don’t want limits placed on our own interactions with the health care system,” according to the research report.

The research was phase one of the HealthBasics initiative. The next – and more important step – is to bring Minnesotans together in a variety of forums to explore the policy choices Minnesota faces and the trade-offs people might be willing to make.

Those interested in more details on the research and to learn how organizations can host forums can find information by emailing