About MN HealthBasics

Minnesota HealthBasics is a collaboration of leaders from business, insurance, labor and health providers.

The purpose of HealthBasics is to engage Minnesotans in discussing our health care system and to promote new ideas and solutions. As the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote when HealthBasics was launched in 2014, “The group’s admirable goal: to better understand Minnesotans’ health care values, priorities and knowledge. And then, to move beyond the ideological talking points to a nuts-and-bolts discussion of what’s needed to curb health care costs, ensure access and maintain quality.”

Minnesota HealthBasics has hosted forums around the state, bringing together employers, consumers, students, providers and others to talk about the challenges they see in Minnesota’s health system and improvements that could be made. In addition, HealthBasics publishes thoughtful articles in its “Perspectives” section and through our social media forums. Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook @MNHealthBasics

In 2016, Minnesota HealthBasics also hosted a “Health Policy 101” seminar for candidates for the Minnesota Legislature. The program gave these current and future state leaders an overview of health policy and the challenges changing demographics and rising health costs will create for Minnesota in the years to come.

HealthBasics is open to those who have interesting perspectives and thoughtful commentary on the state of health in Minnesota. If you’re interested in submitting an article, please email mnhealthbasics@gmail.com.

HealthBasics is a non-partisan group. There is no policy agenda. The conversations, articles and ideas presented throughout this site do not necessarily reflect the views of HealthBasics, the leaders who created HealthBasics or the organizations they represent.


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